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On The Foot Steps Of Masters: Drawing and Painting

$400.00 CAD

Prerequisite: Passion to learn
Duration: 10 Classes (Ten classes of 1hr)
Course Fee: $400/= per person 

A list of Supplies will be given to you once you purchase the course. You will be required to purchase supplies on your own.

Course Description:

This course is specially designed for Juniors children (Ages 8 till 12) who are keen to learn the art of drawing and painting. Major focus in these classes will be on transferring the key skills applied in doing Drawing and Painting by art masters. They will explore different art movements, artists styles and their techniques to create your masterpieces in a joyful and safe environment.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this course a child will achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Identify basic elements of design through painting (Shape, Form, Tone, Colour and Texture) 
  1. Application and exploration of variety of mediums of painting (Oil crayons, Chalk Pastels, Markers, Pencil colours, Water colours and Gouache etc)
  2. Demonstrate the ability to study Nature and Still Life from observation
  3. Develop self confidence, patience and a sense of achievement 

Indicative Content:

  1. Renaissance: Draw flowers and animals like Leonardo 
  2. Renaissance: Perspective Study
  3. Impressionism: Paint like Monet
  4. Post Impressionism: Learn tints and shades with Renoir
  5. Still Life with Paul Cezanne 
  6. Printing Van Gogh paintings
  7. Abstract Expressionism: Dribble like Pollock 
  8. Surrealism: Portraits like Frida
  9. Dadaism: Rule of chance with Jean Arp
  10. Pop Art: David Hockney Photo Montages

Teaching and Learning Methods:

It’s a studio practice based course, which will be delivered through demonstrations by the instructor. Students will be given a new fun exercise in every class. Main focus will be on transferring the key skills and experience that can be applied by participants in future art practice. A course portfolio will be maintained.