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05_ Peacock Dance_Magnet

$18.00 CAD

Adorn your Fridge, Office Desk or White Board with these one of a kind Magnets.

Inspired by the art of Mughal Miniature Painting, these wooden magnets are individually hand painted and designed by artist Sumaira Tazeen, who specializes in this traditional art form.

The bright colours, carefully selected imagery, detailing with delicate brushwork, all together make these Magnets are truly an art piece to cherish and uplift your home decor. Perfect for any occasion. A wonderful housewarming or a wedding gift or even to treat yourself.

Enjoy their richness and beauty!


- Size of each Magnet: 2.75 inches x 2.75 inches

- Thickness: Approx. : 0.25 inches

- Strong Magnet to hold objects

- We are happy to do large customized orders. Just let us know.

- Due to the Magnets being hand painted, no two magnets are identical. There will always be variations in the designs even in the ones replicated on order. They are truly unique!


As with all handmade things, handle with care.

The Magnets can be wiped down using a very damp cloth or kitchen towel. The product is water resistant but not waterproof.

For any questions please don’t hesitate to message us.


Ply wood, acrylic paint and semi gloss polyurethane varnish to protect fade, scratch and stains.