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South Asian Miniature Painting

$960.00 CAD

Prerequisite:  Basic Drawing Skills
Duration: 12 weeks (Twelve classes in 2 hourly sessions)

Course costs: Available upon request. Call 289-644-4704

Course Description:

A tailor-made course is specially designed for the adults and seniors (Ages:18 - 60+) who are keen to explore the art of South Asian  Miniature painting. This course can be an art enthusiast who is interested in learning about South Asian Miniature painting as a hobbyist or by a professional  who is interested in honing their fine skills and widen their horizon as an artist. The Major focus in these classes will be on transferring the key skills applied in making miniatures. It will make you comprehend the school of thought of this art form and how it relates to the other forms of painting.

You will be introduced to mediums, tools, surfaces and techniques of miniature painting like Wasli making (archival paper), Mo-Qalam making (Squirrel hair brush)etc.

Indicative content vary as per the need of participant:

  1. Introduction to the History of Miniature and Study of the brushwork by old masters
  2. Siyah Qalam (A painting technique)
  3. Gud Rang (A painting technique)
  4. Motifs and geometry of Islamic patterns
  5. Application of different types of washes with natural dyes
  6. Marbling (Abri) on Wasli

Teaching and Learning Methods:

It’s a studio practice-based course, which will be delivered through demonstrations by the instructor. Students will be given a new fun exercise in every class. The main focus will be on transferring the key skills and experience that can be applied by participants in future art practice. A course portfolio will be maintained.